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    Can I use different brand logs?


    Can you use different manufacturer's logs in other manufacturers fireplaces? Is there any difference between them that would prohibit using a different brand log?

    My son moved into a house last year that was built circa 1990 with a TEMTEX brand vent free propane gas fireplace. After a good cleaning and checking that there weren't any gas leeks, we turn it on and found that the unit works fine.

    However, the logs look kind of tired, and he would like to replace them. After an exhaustive search on the Internet, I found that TEMTEX (/TEMCO) isn't in business anymore.

    I know there is a "manufactured" difference between various brand logs, because his Temtex logs seem to be either hollow, or made from a very light material. The logs in my unit are heavy - more like ceramic.

    The only issue I would think matters is whether the logs can be used in similar BTU fireplaces. If one burns just as hot as the other, what difference would it matter who made the logs, or what they were made out of?

    I ask the guy that I bought and had install my unit, and he said they had to be from the same manufacturer, but wouldn't give me any valid technical reason why. I think he was more interested in selling a new unit rather than just ordering me another set of logs.

    Am I right on this thinking or is there some other (relevant / technical) information that I'm missing that would preclude using other logs?


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    Exclamation have it inspected by a pro

    The logs and burner are tested and listed as a system. If you cannot get the correct logs, remove the old burner and replace with an entirely new burner/ log set. Have a qualified technician perform the work then test for ambient CO and O2 levels. That is if you have a masonry fireplace. If you have a factory built wood burning fireplace with these logs, remove the logs, cap the gas line, pack the gas line, have it inspected then burn only wood or vented logs. If this is a univeral ventfree box that carries a listing sticker, use only the logs listed for use by that box unless the listing allows other brands of VF up to a max. of 40,000 BTU/hr. input.

    Have a pro come check it out first. No, you cannot mix and match btw brands. To do so would void the warranty, listing, and is against the code. It could result in fire or carbon monoxide exposure or shorten the life of the equipment.

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    Listen to hearthman! Logs CANNOT be interchanged between brands, or sometimes even between models of the same brand. The unit is tested and certified with certain parts and that's it. Logs of different materials, shapes, sizes or positions can cause inefficient and unsafe/dangerous operation. There is probably a reason that company is out of business. Replace it!
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    Ditto Hearthman. Most gas fireplaces are AGA certified. That means they were tested and certified as a system and cannot be modified without retesting. You would be accepting all liability youself if you modify it. I won't go there and I don't recommend you do either.

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    Ive had customers move the original logs around in the fireplace cause they didnt like the way they were positoned makes for a nice cleanup

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