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    Lennox Handler Missing Part?

    I'm hoping this doesn't get classified as "DIY" thereby igniting some flaming session...

    Fired up the A/C yesterday to a smell not familiar from the vents, even after having not been fired in weeks (live in FL) - popped the hatch on the air handler this morning and found the following (Lennox CB30M, house/hvac are only almost 3 years old) - my question is two-fold:

    a) does that look like mold on the insulation to the left?
    b) the vertical "plate" on the right-side wall is non-existent on the left where said gunk is - is it missing?

    To my untrained non-professional eye, it would appear that the 'plate' is designed to prevent exactly what's happening on the left, and is missing.

    I intend to have the entire unit cleaned ASAP, but want to understand what I'm looking at, etc.

    Much obliged -

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    Doesn't look like mold from here. But, hard to tell from a pic sometimes.

    The plate on the right, is the horizontal drain pan. Used for horizontal installations. There never was one on the other side.
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    wow that's great to know - thank you for the response...

    I'll have the unit cleaned to see what the "smell" is and hope that in itself knocks it out.

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    I wouldn't worry about cleaning it right now. Run it for a few hours and the coil should rinse itself and smell will probably go away. It's like firing up a heater after a long summer, it smells like its burning, it's just burning dust and crap off the heaters. It won't hurt to have a spring maintenance checkup, that way you will be assured it's running as it was intended.
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    The horizontal drain pan should have been removed per the installation instructions if the unit was installed in the upflow position. Mold loves growing in those locations. Possibly have the air flow checked. If excessive, water may be stripped from the coil surface feeding that growth. Hard to eliminate it completely without a UV light.
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    wow thanks so much to each of you for the feedback; it did in fact cease after running for a day or so; was just very odd to have it happen so quickly like that after having only not been on for such a short time... will definitely call to get it cleaned soon.

    many thanks again -

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