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    Oder Absorbing Gel in HVAC return

    My wife purchased some room Oder Absorbing Gel canisters from the big box store. The type you set on a desk or whatever and last about a month. The instructions on one say "for best results, increase air flow around product by placing near or in air handling system ducts".

    Will this harm the coil in a HVAC system? Any opinions, good or bad about placing this in the air handler behind the filter?

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    Odor absorbing gel...does it also give off a scent? Like FaBreeze or something similar?

    Personally I dislike any product that tries to mask an odor. Many times the scent given off by the thing is worse than the odor alone when it combines with the odor. Not to mention it's questionable exactly how healthy it is to be inhaling such scents. I know several people who are chemically sensitive and cannot be around any fragrance for a length of time.

    Regarding odors, I'm more in favor of finding the cause of an odor vs. either masking it or hoping some product will absorb it. Carpets are a repository for stuff that can cause foul odors. High indoor humidity levels can also contribute. Almost goes without mentioning smoking, greasy food cooking, daily constitutionals without adequate ventilation, pets, etc.
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    I agree... adequate ventilation is much more effective. "The solution to pollution is dilution"... as they say.

    Personally I've found those odor absorbing beads to not be terribly effective...especially with their price.

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    When we moved into a house with old carpets, we would sprinkler baking power on
    the carpet and let it sit a while. Then we would vacuum it up. It would reduce the odors
    from the carpet...

    If you are going to the effor to putting int in the return, I agree, see if you can find out where the odor is coming from.


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    Some mask the odor with another, some use chemicals to dull the sense of smell, others absorb odors with agents like activated charcoal. I'd be ok with charcoal but not the others.
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    I have worked on RTU's after a smoke incident before, and have seen odor absorbing canisters in them, like others here, depends on whether they are masking, or absorbent, sounds like your wife went the right direction.
    Agree with going after the source, but sometimes you have to do something.
    I had rental properties, usually the carpets and pads were the biggest sinners. New paint and good cleaning works wonders
    Good luck.

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