Looked at ASX18 3 ton and ASX16 2 ton-no 18 in the 2 ton?-strange. With FPL high rebates in florida a 19 seer cost is 5% more than a 16 seer-can recoupe that. Need the 16/13 for fed rebate. Picked 2 reccomended HVAC co and both like Rheem (so do I) but they are 25% more than Goodman (2nd choice)- things are not getting better money wise. "Alex in fl" steered me to the amana-thanks; are the higher end unit better material wise and repair record than their parent Goodman. Does 2 speed comp fan lower electric use. 19 Unit uses a mbe blower v/s air handler-whats the difference. Are they much more than the Goodmans or closer to the Rheem? All the warranties are lifetime or 10/10. Both co. did not bash Goodman but little hints like " are you planning on staying more than 5 yrs" and we will install what you want. Noise is not a problem with either units placement-can't be any noisier than 15yr old units that are going to need repairs and a new leak fixed.