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    Question infinity control humidity questions

    I have two questions about the carrier infinity control. Is there any way the control can display the humidity level in the home. Also on the control when when i set the humidity on the humidifier it does not show me what each square represents. Does any body know what each square represents?

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    Pressthe button just above the Heat button.

    Ours is in the advanced mode,not sure if yours will display the actual and target humidity as ours does.

    If you push the advanced button for 10 seconds,it will bring up some screens,including humidity you haven't seen,Don't change things you don't understand,best to have the "book" when you do it.

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    Top left button will show current humidity as well, with just a regular push, not a push and hold.

    I have a hard time figuring out the scale of the humidity setting as well, midpoint is 45% IIRC.

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