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    All areas are going to have slightly different codes and even different opinions between the inspectors. There is very little if any consistency, the almighty "CODE" and inspection thing really doesn't mean much in a lot of areas. As long as they get their permit fee, that is all that matters. Some areas are stict, but a lot less than you would think. They will worry more about a crooked grill than no drain line run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lash View Post
    I like it when they cut a hole in each side of the duct and run the line through it.
    Oh they loved me...once the super said whoever gets there first has the right of way, I'd blow on ahead with my trunk on the next floor, then come back and cut my lines in at my leisure. They'd have to run under me, notching every bulkhead along the way
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    the ones i have ran into hate cutting and threading pipe. They want everything prefabricated. I saw one throw a total temper tantrum because he had to get the pipe threader off his truck. Electricians got threw first..about 5ft of conduit runs in HIS way.

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    NEC300-22(b) is applicable = ... devices shall be permitted within such ducts ... only if necessarf for therir direct action upon, or sensing of, the contained air. ...
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    Call your local building inspectors office and pose the question to them.
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    Thanks again everyone for all the advice!!

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