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    CO2 systems R644

    Currently there is a push in Europe for Co2 systems. What are the thoughts of using Co2 in North America?

    There is a forum to follow the developments if anyone wants to read up on it

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    Hill Phoenix uses it as a low temp refrigerant already.

    One of our biggest customers is looking very seriously at a CO2 install in the next year or so.

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    I understand Carrier is looking into it also.

    2500# head might be a problem.

    Ammonia is still the best refrigerant.

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    2500# head pressure in a residential system doesn't sound terribly safe. Niether is using Ammonia... or the hydrogen reactors we have at our plant running at 5000psi. But it's one thing to have potentially dangerous situation in a industrial or even commerical settings... but inside a home is something different. Of course a similar argument could be made for using natural gas or propane inside a home.

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