Hi there,

I went to change the filter on our furnace the other day, and lo and behold, the furnace had no filter! Apparently the previous owners of our house took it with them or something. To my surprise, there doesn't seem to be any information anywhere on what filter size I should use for the darn thing. I tried measuring it, but came up with some funky numbers that I couldn't find at the local Lowe's or Home Depot, so I bought an adjustable/washable filter.

Well, unfortunately this adjustable filter isn't the highest build quality, and the filter portion of it actually broke, so I'm back to square one. I can re-measure and try and get a custom filter made, but after searching on Google I found my way here. I'm hoping someone could point me in the direction of somewhere that has Wesco service manuals, or would even know off the top of their head what size the Wesco's use for a filter?

Thanks a bunch!