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    Life expectancy of heat pump/handler

    We moved into our newly constructed home in March 2000 and have already replaced the evaporator coil on our Trane heat pump once. I just turned on the system (cooling) for the first time this season and we noticed a musty odor throughout the house. Our HVAC technician says the the coil has a leak and showed me a rusty brown substance all over the coil, which leads me to believe that (1) either the coil needs to be replaced again or (2) the entire unit needs to be replaced (technician's recommendation).

    What alternative do I have? I am in no way knowledgable in the technical aspects of this unit. Help!

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    A second opinion. From another contractor.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    If it's out of warranty,the cost difference to replace,is likely worth the warranty a replacement will come with.

    Assuming it does have a leak.Rust is common ,at least here in humid Florida.

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    Did the heat pump function properly prior to switching over to cooling? If so and the tech did not have to add refrigerant it must be a very small leak. The discoloring of the coil most likely is caused by some other issue. A second opinion is in order.
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