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    Is there a difference between a 3 blade or 2 blade propeller on a heat pump?

    3 blade versus vs. 2 blade propellor on a heat pump.

    • Is there a difference?
    • Does one make the unit last longer?
    • Is one more efficient than the other?
    • Is one quieter than the other?
    • Does one cause less vibration?

    ••• Are there any functional features that separate the two? •••

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    Swapping out a different blade in an existing unit is a BAD idea. The unit is designed for one or the other.

    For a new design, a three bladed prop allows a smaller diameter, and it may lower the tip velociity which may decrease noise. Two bladed props are slightly more efficient.

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    I suppose a 2 blade fan would have a little less rotating mass, 2 bladed fan is 33% less likely to be out of balance than a 3 blade design, but the effects of an imbalance will be greater, it's more difficult ot generate the same amount of static pressure with a 2 blade vs a 3 blade... so it's performance might drop-off quicker as coils become dirty or blocked.

    The shape of the blades will have more to do with the fan performance.

    Personally I don't really care as long as it moves the correct amount of air.

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    in the end that is what makes the most sense, amount of air.
    I guess the amount of noise is the same?
    is the amount of vibration the same?
    Can vibration cause premature failure?

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