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    Pondering Upgrade

    Just got another rate increase at home and I am evaluating our system to see if an upgrade makes sense. We have a 13 year old Rheem forced air system. The furnace is NG that is 92% efficient and the a/c is a 10 seer. Will I really save much by going with a newer say 14-16 seer unit and making it a heat pump? Can this be done or do I need a new hair handler and /or coil? Electric is .099 per kwh and gas is $1.65 per ccf. Also would I be able to get any tax credits? I live in mid missouri.


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    A heat pump will save you some money on the heating bill, Perhaps 100 to 200 dollars a year, depending on your current bill.

    On cooling, a new HP won't save as much, but, it will save a little.

    You should be able to get about 15 SEER without getting a new furnace.
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