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    Question Hobart Techs

    Anyone ever work for Hobart? I have often wondered what it is like to work as a factory service tech. Do you Hobart guys stay busy? How's the pay and benefits? Just curious about the company.......

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    coming up on 10 years.....good gig....I make good money, always 40 hrs and until the last 6 months 50hrs+....good benefits, company van...Beats the snot out of my last job as a meat dept manager!!! I would like to move up to management but I fear they won't take me off the road until my body breaks down....

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    It has it's good benefits, heck good insurance.You will get some factory training on branded equipment. This will give you a good base for competitive equipment.I don't think I would want to be a B.M. to much micro management.I had rather go to Troy either in Service Training or Tech Support. I passed on Traulsen Tech support in Ft. Worth. Good luck on your decision.

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