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Thread: BCU and NAE

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    BCU and NAE

    Does anybody know the procedure to add a NAE as a Non-Trane BacNet Device. I have tried everthing that I know. the NAE is simple to integrate BCU into it I just need to pick up Bacnet points from the NAE to the BCU.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.

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    Go to site config, select non-trane device. In the ID field type the Bacnet address of the NAE, hit scan and the points should show up. If they dont either you have the wrong address or the BCU can not properly see the NAE.

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    NAE and BCU

    Thanks for the info I did try that. I believe I may have a BBMD issue. Does IP Validation work well via telnet or should I do it via rs232 locally.

    Thanks Again

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    It works but if something does go wrong then you will be driving out there. So i would just recommend to be onsite for that kind of config.

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