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Thread: New Line Set

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    New Line Set

    I want to run a new line set to newly installed coil and heater. The condenser is located on the opposite side of the house. My question: Since I will be going to the coil from the back side can the suction line have (2) 90 deg elbows coming out of the coil. It will make for a much neater installation.

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    Are you a Tech? If so share some info about your self.

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    Your other thread of the same question is deleted.
    Please read site rules, Thank you.

    What does your contractor say about running the line set to the opposite side of the house.
    Contractor locator map


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    DIY on refrigerant lines will save you money.........for a week or two. Then you'll probably be buying a new system, and the ruined system will not be covered by warranty.
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