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    Lennox vs. Trane

    I know there are a bunch of threads looking at these, but I'll start another.

    Looking at replacing two existing furnaces with newer high efficiency. Currently looking at:

    Option 1: 2 x Trane XV95s 60,000 BTUs each (load calc's showed that 60 would be big for the upper floor and just enough for the main floor/basement)

    Option 2: 2 x Trane XV95s 1@ 60, 1@80,000 BTU (main level furnace is a little oversized but installer has said it's within allowances).

    Option 3: 2 Lennox G71MPP 1@70, 1@90,000 BTU

    There are currently two new Trane AC units - 2 and a 2.5 ton units installed.

    1. Given that we live in Calgary I'm not sure whether I want to go with the option that is border line. If I go with the slightly larger (based on calcs) what impact is that going to have?

    2. Which of these units is likely going to be quieter? I've had the Trane guy tell me Trane, the Lennox guy tell me Lennox... the Carrier guy I talked to on the phone said both were noisy; Carrier was the only way to go... I'm lost... are both going to be comparable or is one going to be noticably different than the other?

    3. Everything I've read says that in terms of quality these are basically the same... is this the case?

    thanks for any help/advise.

    John - hopefully not replacing another furnace for a long time.

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    Flip a coin, heads Lennox, tails Trane, you can't go wrong. Choosing the best contractor opens a bigger can of worms. Do most of your homework on choosing a contractor.

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