last week I found out why my DegreeDay calculation did not match that of the Huntsville Utility quantity stated on my billing=

Hsv Util does NOT match up the actual DD with the billing period. They just report DD for a calendar month, even though one's billing is split across two calendar months -- my meter is read ABOUT on the 20th --

I ass/u/med that they used their own readings --
nope, they use the readings of the local NOAA office.
-- just don't bother to program their computers to give accurate data.

I pestered them over the past 2 weeks to get a split of the DD for the 'transition' months of April & October, when both heating & cooling are required -- finally gotten for 2006, 2007, 2008. [In fact, I got the split for each day. -- one year it was 0.25% heating in Oct, another it was 75%.]

communication, communication, communication =
-- I heard ____
-- you said ___ [something different]!

BTW, the lady told me how to calculate DD -- & Hsv uses 65F as the base for both heating & cooling. I stated that ASHRAE suggests the use of 65F for heating, 78F for cooling, but maybe just for commercial buildings -- this makes more sense to me. [I told her I knew how since abt 1960.]