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    oil to gas conversion/mod con w/ copper baseboards

    I am considering conversion from oil to gas. I have questions about optimal boiler for my existing radiator system. I have looked at the Burnham Alpine 150 (through local gas company offer) versus more conventional cast iron unit.

    - 1982 well insulated 3200 sq ft house in Southern New England
    -120ft of 1/2 in slantfin copper baseboards.
    - Heat loss calculation 73,000 BTU/H.

    I have concerns about the need for higher water temperatures with my current radiators and wonder if the lower operating range of a mod con will be effective. My current oil boiler runs at 175-195 deg.

    In looking at a non mod-con unit - I am told I will need to line my chimney w/ SS vs Aluminum which given the course of the chimney may be more expensive than using PVC direct vent for mod con.

    My question:

    1) Given present radiator/housing specs - is a mod con boiler appropriate? If not what would you recommend.

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    I wouldn't discount a quality oil boiler installation....gas isn't as good as you might think. I prefer the inherent safety of oil over gas anyday too.

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    I just went to a seminar hosted by National Grid and the rep's from Burnham were there and gave about a 1/2 hour talk on the Alpine. Though I haven't had any first hand experience, they seem to be a quality boiler with safety features that similar models from different manufacturers do not.

    Yes, you'll need to go with SS due to the condensing flue gases. How long do you plan to be in your home? 5 years? 10 years? 15 years or more? That would be a factor in my decision making as to what equipment I would install.

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    Your baseboard doesn't need 190 to heat your home when its 20 to 30 out.
    So the days that are above 20, will be the days that you save money on your heating bill.

    Get some more estimates on some other mod/cons.

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    But yet, very few people that say oil is safer then NG, have personal cars that run on diesel fuel.
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    Smile oil to gas conversion

    Thanks guys for the considered thoughts on my gas conversion project. I will obtain additional estimates.


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