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    Where best to bring in gas line

    We are converting a hot water/radiator system from oil to gas. The old oil boiler sits on the left side of the house. National Grid will bring the gas line in for free to the right side of the house. To have it brought in from the left side of the house will cost about $1500.

    Is there any reason NOT to bring it in on the right side?

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    no, it shouldnt matter as long as its sized right by the perso installing. you should be fine
    as long as the floor joists are opened up to be able to run the gas line.

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    You would have to show pictures of you basement layout. Why don't you ask your contractor if this is possible. Because for us to give you sound advise we need to see the job.
    Do it right the first time.

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    If you have a high BTU demand and your house is very wide (~>50ft.) you might consider putting in a 2 psi system across the house, which would allow you to use smaller diameter piping across the house. If you can make a load center close to most of the high BTU draw appliances, then build a manifold with the psi to wci regulator and shutoffs to each appliance readily accessible.

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    Depending on how many gas appliances you have in the house you can do one of 2 things, one is to pipe it accordingly to the lenght of runs to each appliance form where the gas line is entering the house, or you can bring it in and connect to a manifold and from there run to your appliances with the proper size gas lines. I would suggest using a manifold system.

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