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    Amana\Goodman Humer

    ROBOTeq in 4/08 stated:
    First off; Goodman no longer owns the Amana brand. Goodman sold the Amana brand to Maytag when Goodman sold the Amana white goods to Maytag. Goodman leases the name "Amana" from maytag, which is noted on every piece of literature that Goodman has the Amana name on.

    So, my Amana HP condenser is a Maytag, made by Maytag? Or is it a Goodman with a leased name badge from Maytag? OR, does Goodman lease the Amana name from Maytag, but Amana build's it? I'm confused.

    No answer required.

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    Whirlpool owns Maytag

    So an Amana HVAC product is a Goodman made product with a name licensed/leased from Whirlpool.

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    And Nordyne leases/pays royalties to put the Maytag name on their high end HVAC equipment.
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