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Thread: Baby Back Ribs

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    Baby Back Ribs

    We had a friend come down from Northern MO this past week. Of course I Fixed my specialty. Baby-Back-Ribs. He said They were(were being gone to soon) the best he ever had . Being from one of the closes B-B-Q joints with high praises. Kansas City, he said I had them whipped by a long shot.. here is how I make em
    1 or 2 slabs, depending on how many you want to serve
    1 cup of TaKillYa (Tequila)
    4 fresh squeeze limes
    2 tsp of honey
    Your favorite barbecue sauce

    Cut and trim as much fat off of the ribs but leave a little for flavor.
    Cut in half and score between the bones
    Place on a GAS grill and go low and slow, basting with the lime, Tequila and honey mixture with each turn. Turn every 5 minutes.
    After an hour place ribs on a cookie sheet (with sides). Wrapped with foil for easy clean up. Do not stack ribs on top of each other and lay hump up.
    Bake in a 190 degree oven for 2 hours longer, after this you can put the barbecue sauce on them or leave off to the side. Enjoy with your favorite beverage
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    Thanks !!!!!!!!

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    Thanks too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A/C guy's chick View Post
    stack on top of each other and lay hump up.

    Oooooh! Talk dirty to ME!
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    Last July I posted a discussion about baby back ribs. I never cooked them before. But you folks came up with some great ideas which of course I used.

    The party was a success (meaning everyone lived). If you want to read more about baby back ribs open this thread.

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    This is the trick to perfect ribs..

    peel the membrane off the back of the ribs and boil them in hot water for 1/2 hour to 45 min.

    Then spice them up/ put bbq sauce and grill...

    The meat will fall off the bone!

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks, I'll give them a try

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