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    I live in SEattle and will have a furnace (95% / variable speed) backup. My propane is getting expensive but electricity is dirt cheap


    going back to the original post, it is a heck of a note to purchase dual fuel-propane backup-with an expensive furnace that one would rarely if ever use.
    see below climate data for Seattle.

    Climate averages for: SEATTLE, WA, 98141
    Hot weather Cold weather
    Average days per year above 75: 0 Average days per year below 40: 0
    Average high temperature: 74.9 Average low temperature: 41.3

    It would seem the best choice would be to chuck the furnace for a high eff HP system with var speed air handler and electric backup. just a thought.


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    Certainly an option if you have the power capability in the house. Doesn't sound like you'd need much backup heat up there. Or an 80% VS furnace?

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