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Thread: Philly

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLEINman View Post
    cheeze wiz is awesome lol.
    Cheese wiz is plastic cheese. They make more money using wiz than real cheese.

    Real provolone for a real steak sandwich.

    The roll makes or breaks the sandwich.

    Take care.

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    A small booth at the back of Busch Stadium in St Louis makes the best Cheese Steak sandwiches around here. Real cheese and the steak is chopped as it grills. Can smell the steak and onions cooking all over the ballpark... now Im hungry


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    Necro.. I know.

    Lets say I was to go to Philly. What is the ultimate best time as far as these sandwhiches are concerned? Ones they serve up here are not bad but no where near close to the real deal. I want to try the real deal.
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    Despite the hype over both of our best known steak shops (Geno's and Pat's) it has become increasingly difficult to find a great steak.

    Your best bet is to ask local friends when you visit.
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