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    On call rotation

    I was reading another thread and noticed Tigger has one heck of a rotation.....
    I was wondering what everyone else has.
    We now only have two techs and are on call every other week. RUns from Friday night through Thursday night.
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    We go tuesday -tuesday, there's 5 of us so every 5 weeks. However 2 of them are controls guys so the odds are pretty good if they get called out for something non controls one of the 3 other guys will be going out (usually me, I seem to be the guy who answers his phone lol).

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    On call two weekends a year between Memorial and Labor day. Fri nite thru Mon morning unless its a holiday weekend. Then you get an additional day. Most of the guys hit there own accounts. Been on call 6 times in three years with no callouts.
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    I'm the only one that works my territory, unless I am out of town, so I am on call everyday. But I really don't get called that much.
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    On call is tough, we rotate every three weeks, Friday evening to Thursday night. We get called out a lot when it's cold, some weekends it's not unusual to do 15 calls or more.

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    We had a tech just quit who volunteered to be on call every other weekend, so i was on once every 5 weeks. Now that he is gone i am on call every 2 weeks (1 week on 2 weeks off) Friday night to Thursday morning - no extra pay unless called out. First time with night temps in the 30's i am expecting at least one no heat from a small buisness.

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    we rotate every other week. Also the tech's get 2 hours straight time for being on call each week..and they get it whether they go out or not. Like Heybob, its typical in the cold months a tech does 15 or more calls over a weekend. Usually 2 tech's are on call each week.

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    One week on, two off.

    I'm almost never 100% off because I receive incoming calls after work and on weekends and dispatch them to the appropriate on-call guy.

    We haven't been too busy lately with the mild summer and a good PM program.

    We don't get paid for being on call, but I do get a little for fielding all the calls.

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    My guys got it easy only on call every 19 weeks....
    When i was in the field it was every 7 weeks .......

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    Was on call for two years straight, I hired a new guy in May so every other weekend now.
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    we do not have an 'on call' schedule. after hour calls are usually routed to the man who takes care of the account, if available. then they go down the alphabet. i'm 'v', and they 'bother' me occasionally

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    Every other week for me.And yes it's getting old.
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    I'm on every 4 wks but I'm the only one with HVAC and Appliance experience, so the others call me and I walk them through it, this sucks cause there getting paid for on call and I'm on the phone telling them how to fix it, so I don't answer my phone much.

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