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    Output temp on Hi Effy units.

    If I lower the temp to 55 while I vacation in FL. will it take a long time to raise the house temp back to 72?

    I am wondering whether the new hi Effy furnace limits the output temp since the effy would probably drop if the bonnet, oops heat exchanger, gets over a certain temp.

    I know my old furnace got very hot as it tried to make up the temp, but it seems my new one doesn't put out as hot an air temp.

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    Depends how cold it is outside when you return.
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    Your home is going to take X amount of btu's/hr (energy) to bring it back to temperature. This amount isn't dependant on the efficiency of the furnace, it's 100% dependant on the home.

    So to answer your question: the home will take X amount of time to come up to the higher temperature based on home's heat load/output of furnace, not on the temperature of the outlet air temperature of the furnace.

    If the old furnace and the new furnace are equal in their input ratings the home will actually get to temperature quicker because the increased efficiency of the new furnace puts more of the energy used into the home instead of up a chimney.

    As a side note, you might want to check with the installing contractor and read through your owners manual for the new furnace. Some furnace manufacturers limit the lowest temperature that the return air can be coming back to the furnace. Setting the temperature to low in the home may void the warranty on the furnace.
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