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    Downflow Heil...just won't drain right.

    Well,hi! Anyone know how to make a downflow H9MPD... Heil furnace drain right? All vent and drain details are exactly as specified in the manual,with no blockage in anything. It's downflow right-side vent and trap,with the vent tee kit installed (per the book). This time when I went to check it (it has had drainage issues before that go away while checking it),this time it would run for a minute and kick off,with gurgling and slinging water sound from the vent blower. I found a trace amount of water inside the "blower" pressure switch hose (from the lowest P.S.,most level with the inducer),which I removed. Re-tested furnace and it ran okay,but the inducer begins gurgling again a minute or so later like water is backing up in it,yet when I pull any hose loose,no water. Re-primed the trap,and poured almost a full 20 oz. bottle of water into the collector box drain hose (into the trap),with no problems. It seems to be draining out of the furnace fine,but the inducer (vent blower) seems to accumulate water,and I can find no reason why. Btw,coming off the inducer,I have the gray drainage coupling that runs into the trap. No problem there. I just don't know why it's doing this. Again,all vent and drain details are exactly as specified in the Heil manual. It acts like it needs a drain hose coming right off the inducer's lowest point,and I might make that happen if nothing else turns up. Thanks! Steve

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    Grey vent drain coupling is facing the proper direction?
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    It was....

    I turned it around,just to see if it helped things. The gray coupler is a vent drain,but since I already had a vent drain and trap,and was looking to create a drain at the inducer's lowest point,I switched it. But it seems to work the same no matter which way it's turned. I did speak with the tech at a Heil distributor today,and he said he has seen the pressure switch hose build up condensation if it's routed underneath the inducer motor. He said to reroute it above. Btw,the customer has my cell number,but he apparently hasn't had trouble again,at least since yesterday.



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    This thread got involved enough.

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