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    Skuttle Model DB 25x20 or Honeywell F-100

    As part of my new HP I am going to have installed I wanted to use a 4-5" media filter. My return duct has to modified and expanded to accomodate this and these were the 2 things recommended in my proposal. The honeywell is more expensive. Are both of these just media filters and which one should i go with? Thanks

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    Try and find out what the costs are for the replacement filters, and try and find some data for the pressure drop for each filter. In most cases the 5" filter will have a lower pressure drop, but the honeywell filter might have more pleats. More pleats however might mean it's more expensive. The skuttle will likely accept a universal replacement. The Honeywell might need an OEM filter.

    I would post a link to those, but it might be considered a DIY link.

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    truthfully thay are both the same i have installed both but I dont see any differences in either and if the skuttle is less expensive then go with the skuttle unless when you go to change your filter you want to see the words honeywell goodluck with the new install

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