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    Manual J on Old Construction

    I was just curious if you all use a worksheet that is available online to write down all the information you take down for an old construction system changout so that when you get back to your manual J program it is all in nice neat form and easier to transfer to the program.

    OR do you just scribble all this down on a notebook pad and fumble through it once you are inputing it into your manual J program. I cant seem to find a company that sells a predrawn up info sheet or a free one to download to write down the info. I just figured this would look more professional when in front of a customer. If not, i guess i will make my own

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    I draw and scribble on graph paper.
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    We have 11.5"X18" paper printed with 1/4" squares,job info block in the corner. Make notes ,window sizes etc on the drawing.

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    Use a laptop and you only have to write it once.

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