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    I got my Testo 510 & 605 H2

    Couldnt wait to use it....i went to a building to make some adjustments to a CCP and snuck outside and tapped it on to check gas pressure...THANK GOD the water filled yellow jacket will rarely if ever come out of the truck again!!!!

    Thanks for all the advice guys!

    However i do have a question, as far as checking static with it...i purchased the accesory kit with the 2 tips and hoses....ive personally never done much work with airflow and checking static it usually measured in inches of water column i assume? and also, i put the tip in the ductwork and hooked it into the 510. My static was bouncing around a lot between .5 " water column of measurement anywhere from this normal or was it possible i wasnt doing it right??!

    Also the Trane CCP shows it was running around 3.10 of fan static...i assume thats the measurement at the fan itself?

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    Congrats. Yes, the 510 will flutter a bit, but usually not as much as you describe. I might try a different test port to get away from turbulance in the duct work if it was bouncing that much.

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