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    Hi, I'm green as grass to this trade! (Ontario, Mississauga)
    When installing residential a/c unit, do you need a dedicated license for the installation? (like Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mech; licenses given by the ministry by completing the apprenticeship program)

    I always thought that having Gas 2 and ODP was sufficient enough.
    Thanks in advance for looking and answering!


    Hi, just opening up another thread here for similar question I posted somewhere else.

    Just want to make sure if G.2. and ODP card is sufficient enough for a person to install a residential AC unit (compressor+condensing unit, piping etc).
    Or, do you have to be a Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic to do such work? From what I remember from G.2 course, g2 tech can touch the gas side of the ac. That wasn't clear enough.

    thanks for reading, and answering the quetion in advance.
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    Nope.You need 313d and ODP.

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