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    Quote Originally Posted by RoBoTeq View Post
    I think having to read all of my posts should be a requirement for some of the hardheaded non-pros
    I think punishments like that is why they closed Alcatraz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motoguy128 View Post
    Here's a big suprise. Some Pro's generally feel that only pros have adequate training or experience to diagnoise and repair HVAC problems, while non-pros, having had experience with plenty of incompetent technicians, tend to be skeptical when told that only a pro should consider to attempt a repair.
    The problem I find is that it is impossible to determine the capabilities of the specific homeowners based on a written question. I understand that everybody has a diffrent level of capabilities when it comes to technical work. I just can't justify the risk somebody getting hurt because I sent them off to try something that turned out to be over their head. There is just too much hidden danger in a unit to be sending just anybody out to poke around in one.

    I know its not a perfect world but the theory is that every technician that is working by themselves should have at least taken and passed safety training, understand the basics and principles of operation along with having a sufficient amount of time spent working side by side with a senior tech. It is one thing to be working side by side with a tech that catches your every mistake but when techs are let loose they don't have that set of extra eyes watching over them. Because of that Parts are going to get broken by accident or miss diagnosed. Its simply a part of learning. The difference with them making a mistake on a unit versus a homeowner making a mistake on a unit is that the technician has taken the training and knows the hidden dangers associated with the system that he or she is working on. That limits the casualties to the system components and not humans.

    Quote Originally Posted by motoguy128 View Post
    That's just how it is. Everyone has their perceptions created by their expereinces, good or bad. That being said I completly agree with the no DIY rule, even beyond the safey issues, the board would be overwhelmed by thousands of idiots wanted free repair advice... rather than the dozens fo HO's that have had idiot installers and service techs come to their home and need help getting out of the mess they are in. Fortunately most poast are just folks wanting more information so they can make informed decisions. I wish I had found this site sooner.
    Well Said!
    Quickly, I must hurry, for there go my people and I am their leader!

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    6,058 way.

    It's all about the Benjamins, MY Benjamins.

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