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    Talking tech school or apprenticeship (part II)

    OK I am re posting this because i am armed with some new information. I found a 5 year apprenticeship that is with the teamsters union #72 here in Atlanta. Now I know everyone has their opinion on unions but thats now what this is about. I need to know if doing this apprenticeship, it is 4 days of work a week with a journeyman and one day of class a week in a classroom setting would suit me better in the long run than going for 2 years to a tech school and getting my diploma there. The pay with the apprenticeship is pretty good and i seem to be leaning that way, but i want to know everyones opinion on going to trade school and then getting a job in HVAC or doing an apprenticeship for an extended amount of time until you reach journeyman. thanks for all the help!!!!!

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    5 Year Apprenticeship program with the union gets my vote.

    You’ll get an education from the books as well as the field.
    You’re getting paid to learn with raises in 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 & 60 Months.
    Medical benefits
    Pension plan & Annuity.

    If you can get in take it.

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    I think that experience counts more in the long run but setting a good foundation with school is a plus also. very kool that you found a apprenticeship....but as long as your getting knowledge and you can pass your journeysman, you are definatley on the right track

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    the 4 days in the field with a journeyman are going to be right in your face air conditioning either it be installs,service,etc and then the union school to may be raw but you will get a crash course on the field 2 summers on jobs vs 2 years in school.....especially with the industries job situations very unpredictable i would grab the apprenticship and never look back..good luck
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    Your asking a question to which you already know the answer. Apprenticeship.
    Local 449?

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    i went to tech school and im applying for an apreticeship in march , both is superior

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