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    Frown carousel oven

    have a bakery with an 8 ft carousel oven, natural draft, simple arrangement, thermocouple, 24 volt gas valve, unit will work for several hours then shuts down, next day re light pilot, will work for couple of hours and does the same thing all over.... have replace the thermocouple and the gas valve, even though they tested fine, but still same problem,? have tried to figure if it is thermocouple getting too hot, or flame extinguishing itself from lack of oxy, but neither makes real sense...any other suggestions

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    I would check my gas pressure before and after your gas valve. perhaps a failing pressure regulator is letting gas pressure drop enough to cause your standing pilot flame to lower itself off the thermocouple....Good luck!!

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    ive switched t couples

    I find alot of bake /pizza oven run real hot Ive started putting in husky thermocouples not the standard t couple the standard t couple tends to overheat alot. Also check for any new drafts in area...causing pilot to stray away.... good luck
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    Hmm pizza oven pilot

    Check for negitive pressure in building, kitchen hoods running with make up air unit off? Husky thermocouples work in really hot burner boxes, where the bases on standard ones croak. consider moving pilot burner to cooler spot. This is the ultimate fix for the pilots going out...

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    Check if the oven has a stack/hood air-proving switch. The tubing comp fitting could be loose/worn, the tube could be broken, or the switch itself could have water/moisture in it, or may need to be adjusted PROPERLY. If you're there when it's down, tap on the air switch to see if the ignition control gets 24 vac.

    What brand/model of oven is it? I'm think it's a revolving tray, bagel type oven.

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    If it's really old, it will have a sliding damper @ the flue exit (inside the oven). Sometimes, when the cleaner guy cleans inside the oven, the damper gets closed or opened some.... results in pilot outage due to draft issues. Messed with one for weeks before I got the staff to admit there was someone in to clean oven & service/repair the carousel. Adjusted the draft & all OK now.

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    24 volt Pilot spark relight kit?

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