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Thread: Care 2.02

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    Care 2.02

    Anyone here have experience on how to register care 2.02. I have a customer who's PC says "Machine Code not Valid" when you try to open it the it says "unregistered" I have never used 2.02 before I thought it was tied to the Dongle like 2.01. Does it register like 5.0 and above?
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    You have to run the software that comes with the dongle to register I think.

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    care 2.02 was the first version after they done away with the parallel port dongle, from memory you get a floppy disk that you transfer the license onto the machine you want to use it on when you buy the software. then you can transfer it to another machine by terminating it and transferring it back to the floppy.

    I think it is game over and you will need to upgrade to care 8.

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    The registration on 2.2 could get corrupted fairly easily - even by installing an external hard drive. Go to Help - Registration and see if you have a valid reference code. If it's a jumbled mess of characters the registration is hosed. Normally it would be 6 groups of 4 numbers divided by dashes.

    If it's jumbled you need to remove a folder under the Windows directory. The name of the folder will be 5 groups of 4 numbers divided by dashes. Move it to a different location to make sure it's the correct folder. With the folder removed re-start Care 2.2 and go back to Help - Registration. You should now have a valid reference code.

    You'll need to send the reference code and dongle number to Honeywell software registration along with a note that the original got hosed and they will send you a new User-ID and License Key for registration.

    PM me if you need Honeywell e-mail to accomplish this.

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