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    So, I get from you all masons are idiots except the ones you count on one hand and if something's not listed by UL it's not good?

    That puts you in elitist pig bell ringer category, doesn't it?

    For instance tell me a GB142 Buderus was unacceptable for commercial applications because it didn't have the proper ASME STAMP on it. Facts are the boiler is phenomenal, the stamp was a mere formality. Tell me about the UL listings on the Towers in NY for the steel....

    BTW- personal attacks you are launching, if you actually read, which comprehension seems to be an issue at times with you, I'm fair with that pstove manufacturer. I have one of their models and say mine works fine. So, it all comes back to what you don't get.... you have to analyze better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sysint View Post

    That puts you in elitist pig bell ringer category, doesn't it?

    No more personal attacks, next guy that throws one get's a 10 day vacation, no questions asked.

    The other posts in this thread will be reviewed today as well.

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