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    SIEMENS Datamate Base Advanced

    I've just recently started using Datamate Advanced. Does anyone understand why this program doesn't act real-time similair to Insight. For example, I don't understand why if I edit a point, the point changes do not take effect unless you download to the panel (i do this by restoring the panel). This also goes for program changes as well.

    I just really want to understand what the most efficient way is to use this software.

    Any thoughts?....anyone?

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    Datamate is not like the Insight program- it is not "real- time".
    With Datamate you have a snapshot of the system, you can edit programs, points etc. but then you have to download the changes you made to the field panel to have the changes registered.

    Datamate is good for accessing terminal controllers (TECs) and you can make changes to the controllers.
    If you have an Insight workstation you really do not need to worry about back- ups but you can make individual panel backups in case you lose one and just want to restore it- you can do this easier from the workstation also.
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    The big advantage of using DataMate Advanced is that it has most of the editors and applications that are used in Insight. This makes it fairly easy to edit programs and data bases and trouble shoot system problems in the field. The big dis-advantage is, as you said...... that you have to cold start the cabinet and upload the entire database in order to save your changes to the field panel. I have used DataMate Advanced for years and I haven’t found a way to get around this. If it makes you feel any better the tool that the Siemens Tech’s use (Commissioning Tool) has the same dis-advantage.

    The second biggest dis-advantage of DataMate Advanced is having to pay the annual license fee.

    Unlike someone has already suggested..... If I were you I would keep backups of your entire Siemens system on your laptop since it is so easly done with DataMate Advanced. You can never have to many backups.

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    Just like their front end. Any editing you do is downloaded, not dynamic.

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    copy of datamate.

    can anyone send me a copy of data mate???my e-mail id is in the profile....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccsf View Post
    can anyone send me a copy of data mate???my e-mail id is in the profile....
    It is a licensed, proprietary program. Check with your local Siemens branch for pricing.
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