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    Local 9 A/C & Ref. is interview soon any suggestions

    In early March I'm scheduled for my interview with Local 9 A/C and Refrigeration division. I'm a bit shaky about the interview cuz I do know it counts the most. I included my resume. Feel free to give me your opinions and any suggestions. Thank you in advance


    To obtain a position with a company that will allow me to utilize my HVAC/R and light plumbing skills while insuring opportunity for growth.


    Self motivated with the ability to work independently and as a team member to meet operational demands
    Easily adaptable to new concepts and responsibilities with the ability to function well in high pressure atmospheres
    Developed interpersonal skills having dealt with a diverse mix of clients and professionals
    Attentive to detail with well-developed problem solving skills and ongoing contributions in improved quality and effectiveness

    Successfully completed an extensive 10-month training program in all aspects of HVAC/R.
    Graduated with Honors: Cumulative GPA: 3.5.

    ELIZABETH HIGH SCHOOL, Elizabeth, NJ 1997-2001
    High School Diploma


    ABC, NJ July 2007-Present
    HVAC Service Technician/Installer
    Install, maintain, diagnose, and repair residential and light commercial heating (gas and oil) and air conditioning systems.
    Served as a team member to install and repair all aspect of HVAC and plumbing equipment.
    Accountable for the safe handling and disposal of hazardous refrigerants & refrigerant oils.
    Familiar with required code, appropriate equipment use, safety standards, and proper procedures to prevent injury.
    ABC, NJ 2006-July 2007
    HVAC Service Technician
    Troubleshot, tested, maintained and repaired heating and air conditioning systems by identifying malfunctions and replacing parts and components.
    Performed preventive maintenance to ensure maximum longevity and system performance.

    AT&T WIRELESS, Paramus, NJ 2001-2005
    Customer Service Representative
    Maintained corporate, business, and personal accounts, as well as assisted clients with technical support, billing inquires and sales.
    Conducted on-site training for newly hired customer service employees.


    R-410A Safety Universal Certification Valid NJ Driver’s License
    EPA 608 Universal Certification NJ Defensive Driving Program
    Gastite Certification Wardflex Installation
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    I assume your applying for an apprentiship position? I don't know how local 9 works, but here in Michigan that would be what you were qualified for. I wish you the best of luck and wish I could give you more informative help. I'm sure that you will do fine. Be confident and review your schooling!! Good luck!!!

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    Dress for success. No low cut jeans with your drawers hanging out, etc. A minimum of business casual to a suit and tie. You'll be surprized at how slovenly some of the people dress for the interview. They will most likely judge you for the most part on your dress and demeanor.

    No dropping "F" bombs even if they provoke you too. Be prepared to answer why you want to get in this field or the union. Shame you already dropped 20k for LT, if you get in, you get to do it all over again. Good luck!!! JMHO
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    If you are talking about Local 9 in New Jersey, there isn't much to worry about.They are a great group of people, very good union.
    All of the reps have worked in a van sometime or other.

    They are looking for help as the warm weather approaches.
    They will give you a test that basically centers on the Phsycometric charts.
    They are more concerned about your character and willingness towork

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