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    Just installed a 6 gpd stm sytem with the vison pro stat and controller. It was a very easy system to install and it seems so far to be doing an excellent job , my client is extremly happy.Has any one else install one of these?

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    congrats... i guess
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    My boss, the owner of the company, had me install one for him in his house, Its run thru the Carriers infinity system, but he says it has been the best he has ever used.

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    Steam humidifiers have been around for many years. The provide way more humidity than a standard water humidifier but if you need that much humidity added to the indoor air, chances are your house is leaking air too much and that means it's costing way more to heat your home than it should. Tightening up the home will reduce the exfiltration and therefore the infiltration and reduce the need for humidification. But if a customer has a medical need, that's a whole different story. Either way, steam is up to the task. But it's also important to understand that whenever water evaporates, it leaves a lot of minerals behind. This means the steam humidifiers need regular flushing and most, including the HW, have a built in flushing timer. But they also need significant attention annually at the very least to keep them in good working order. Maintenance is king if you're going to keep getting good service out of the unit.
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    Maintenance will not be an issue, it will be looked ay often.Also i have it set up to flush automatically every 30 hours of operation

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    Yes thay are very easy to install on IAQ.30 hours need to put it to 10 hours. In a week or two plane on going back to clean it. and teach them how to do it. need to clean it every mounth.That is the hard part LOL

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