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    Honeywell HE360A humidifier with H8908B humidistat W/ a Goodman GMV90905DXA

    Hi all, I am a newbie here. I have done alot of reading here and thought that I found my answers but then I read some more and now I'm confused. My question is how do I hook this humidifier to my furnace? I have the 2 black wires on my humidistat and the 2 yellow on my Humidifier. There is also 2 red wires, not sure if I need them. Anyway I have the 2 yellow wires and the 2 black wires hooked together right now and the Humidifier is pluged into the outlet. Now it works but it just stays running(It shuts off when I turn the dial below 35 setting on the humidistat). I want it to come on when my blower motor comes on my furnace. I have included some pics of my Goodman board and humidifier.
    Any help would be great. TIA

    Goodman board

    Honeywell HE360A(B)

    Honeywell Humidistat H908A

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    no DIY, please read Site Rules

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    As stated above.
    This is not a DIY site.
    We are not allowed to give DIY advise or instructions.
    Please read site rules, Thank you.

    Thread closed.
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