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Thread: finding a job

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    finding a job

    Hi I am going to be graduating in about six months. I currently live in Minnesota, and I was wondering what anyone thinks the job outlook will be after I graduate. I know right now it does not look good. If it is the same way it is now I was thinking of joining the military. I was previously in the national gaurd . Would it be better for me to try to find a job or should I join the military again. I just dont want to be out of a job for a while. What does anybody think I should consider.

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    what i would do is finish your schooling and get a job in your area, if it sucks in your area because of the "economy" then i would just move to another state such as california where theres a bunch of work in this field.
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    There's a bunch of work for people with a few years of experience, but competition is fierce for entry-level positions.

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