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    HELP desperate first time DIYer, please

    Please, help, don't know what to do. We bought a house built in 1969 and decided to redo the ugly brick fireplace. It is a masonry built fireplace with gas starter that also can burn wood. When we took down the facing brick, that was just decorative, we're left without the 2 brick thick lip that's usually held by lintel. Because we've never done this before, we realized this only after putting up framing around the whole fireplace that will eventually hold marble tiles. I'm afraid that if we leave it like this, it will smoke a lot because there won't be a "return" place for the smoke. Can anyone please suggest any remedy at this stage, without having to take down the framing already in place? How can we add in this "lip" at this point? Please look at the pictures, the first one shows what the fireplace looked like when we took down the face brick and had just started framing around it. The second and third show closeups of the lip of the fireplace in its current state. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

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    look in your phone book for local brickies that specialize in fireplaces design. Ensure they are reputable. bad design can equal smoke, noxious fumes, and all the bad stuff along with that...not a DIY project if you do not know how. by the look of the original brick something was not right in the first place

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    You can't just put wood framing over and around the opening like that. A proper chimney structure cannot even have framing touching the masonry. Please consult a local expert who know safety and building codes or this could end badly.

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