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    Red face Customer database help...

    I hope it is okay to post this here, and thank you for reading!

    I am the wife of a HVAC business owner who has had his own business for a few years. I know this sounds horrible, but up until this point he has been on his own with keeping track of almost all day to day business tasks, keeping track of customers, etc. (I work full time elsewhere)
    Recently, there have been some changes and the business has grown, which is great but we are at a point where it is too much to keep track of without a database and to be quite honest I am completely overwhelmed with where to even begin...
    I have tried researching options and it seems like everything I look up has more to do with the accounting side of things (which we probably need too) but not so much the customer database or CSR side...

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to post this sort of question, and I am sorry for sounding like a complete "dummy" but does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of software or program might be an option?

    My husband has 15+ years experience in the industry but is not technically savvy.
    I am minimally technically inclined but just dipping my toes in the HVAC world...

    Please help!

    Thank you!! I hope I can learn much from your site!

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    Microsoft Excel. Simple, easy, and will import into ANY other software you choose to upgrade or integrate.

    All of my stuff is done with Excel. Accounting, too. It's simplest for my CPA.
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    I made my own customer DB with FileMaker, and use QuickBooks for the accounting. If you search this site for 'FileMaker' you'll come across a number of my posts of what I am doing with it.
    You can also search this site with keywords like 'software', dispatch, CRM, etc.
    This question comes up a lot..
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