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    Drywall over old vents

    I have supply and return vents connected to an unused old AC system. The system was replaced by mini splits. The old air ha d,red was removed but the duct remain.

    I want to drywall over the old vents. The ducts are in an unconditional attic space. Should I disconnect the ducts and remove the boot, or just shove some insulation into the boot/duct and drywall over ?

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    i mean, ideally the whole boot would be removed and replaced with insulation equal to or greater than the existing ceiling insulation... but it depends on how good you are at drywall work tbh.

    problem is the boot is likely nailed onto the face of a ceiling joist meaning you may have to cut beyond the joist to remove the whole boot. this makes a clean drywall patch panel more difficult.

    sounds like DIY though; even though this is not hvac... so im hesitant to elaborate. maby a mod or something could chime in?

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    It’s DIY drywall not DIY you should be safe. If the whole duct system is no longer ever going to be used, I would say remove the entire system, install insulation , repair drywall.

    Besides if he wants a central unit back it will make a nice HVAC job to reinstall a whole new duct system LOLROTF

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    I'd say remove or have the duct system removed entirely. If there is any air leakage at all at the boots. Then natural convection through the duct system will bring moisture down to the boots and condense and give you water stains and possible mold problems.
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