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I am not a licensed pilot, but have about 300 hours in the right seat of
a Barron P58, and 6 hours in the back seat of a Fouga Magister. I did
take a class on how to fly in a emergency situation.

My brother is a pilot with 8000 hours, of which 6800 hours is twin turbin.
He has his ATP, Float plane, and rotorcraft license. He did fly for UPS for
a little while, and then Flew Commuter planes for a short while.
Before I went to the private jets, I looked into all of the commuters, including Colgan. People who think that HVAC techs are not viewed well, should try being on a new hire track for a commuter. Lots of bright young faces who will have their meager income augmented by mom and dad. This and the many applicants lets the carriers offer squat for pay.

I think if you ask your brother, he will tell you that UPS was the better job!