I was just wondering if there were any pilots here in the forum? I started takeing my privates when I was working for a friend running a ground spray rig for him. He had a air tractor turbo prop, an air cat with a 600 HP Pratt & Whittney radial, then his 172 cessna skyhawk we used for a scout plane. Any how when the drought hit things went belly up and the bank took the planes so there went my free ride and I couldn't afford plane rental to finish my lessons.

I've logged 75 hours flight time only flying VFR. My boss and I were heading back from Norton Kansas to Goodland Kansas and it was winter late at night and we hit some fog. My boss who had IFR rateing was piloting the plane back to Renner field. And we were about 40 miles NE of the airport and we noticed our wings were starting to ice up and we could no longer maintain altitude. We were flying about 6,000 above the ground and it was just a gradual derease in altitude and we made it back to the airport just fine, however when we landed we had a fixed gear and did not use the flaps.

I was just wonder about the plane crash, how the pilot didn't have any clue that there was that much ice build up on the wings. If it was bad enough that he lost all lift when applying his flaps you think he would have had trouble maintaining altitude way back in the flight. I'm just speculating I don't have that much experience flying and definatly not any twin engine aircraft. I was just wondering if there was anyone with experience here that could clarify this for me.