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    ICE-Con burner setup questions...

    An En Mar model HTDM mua unit.

    I've got this Canadian made gas fired make-up air unit with a modulating burner. The combustion fan motor is speed controlled, along with the main gas valve (2-10vdc) from a version two ICE-con board.
    We replaced the heat exchanger and now the burner rumbles a bit in the middle of the modulation. Apparently version 1.7b of the software can be use to set the 6 steps in the burner operation. Each step burns hotter, air and gas are increased, the fan RPM ramps up too. Each step is tested with a combustion analyser to assure good burning. This is the procedure for fine-tuning the burner.

    My question is:
    The software sets up gas and RPM but the fan speed can't be dialed in with the RPM desired, only a factor number like 42.3 and so on is changed. The board then changes that to an RPM.

    I started this on Friday and found the process tedious and frustrating, all trial and error.

    Anyone out there done this before, with success? on this setup?

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