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    Texans, check your contractor

    This applies to all of those who are looking for help in Texas, I can only assume Florida has something similar, possibly a Florida member can help.

    We have been hearing on the news about out of state "contractors" coming in to Texas and defrauding our friends and neighbors. This isn't an exact quote, but, according the local news, some signs of shady dealing...

    1) Asking for cash, especially up front before doing the job.
    2) Driving unmarked vehicles. (Texas law requires company name and license number)
    3) Offering "deals" on rebuilt units.

    This is just a few of the tricks they are pulling. I would like to point all the readers, especially our guests and non-professionals, to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation's contractor search website located at Please verify that the contractor you're working with is legit and hopefully put the scam artists out of business.

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    Happens here every time there is a hurricane. Damn Storm Chasers. People get on the news and start complaining because they were scammed. Most consumers will make the wrong decision when choosing a contractor when they have major damage. In their mind they can save money by using them and use the saved money to fix something else. The storm chasers will do a hack job because they will not be here later so they don't worry about call backs.

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    I agree to this phase that we really need to check our contractor. This was before when I hire a contractor for my company about water damage restoration in dallas texas and he said he just know about it the basics and not having a degree about it or whatsoever.

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