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    Confused BMS and an extract fan

    Hi all,

    I'm new and I'm coming to you all with a very easy problem, but a little mind-bugging for me.

    I have an extract fan installed on-site, but I currently don't have access to it. It's connected to the MCC-panel through isolator. That's fine. That's power.
    However, to control it, there is a control panel set-up for it in that room (that I currently don't have the access too). They want us to connect said control panel to a BMS panel located in a separate room. That brings me to my main issue.

    I decided to control the panel locally - if temperature of the room goes above a certain set-point - turn on the fan. It would be done via a temperature transmitter connected to the PLC. Now, the fan was to be connected via a single-phase regulator, which already makes no sense, because the electrical contractors already pulled 3PH cables to the room. Anyway....

    Why would they set-up another control panel for that fan if everything could be controlled straight from the BMS panel? Or am I missing something? They require us to connect the BMS panel to that control panel - I assumed only for monitoring reasons, but it seems like they want to control the control panel to control the fan... In the BMS panel there are DO modules, and one of them could be connected to the fan via a relay, which would bypass the control panel, but might not necessarily control the speed... I'm very lost.

    Am I on the right track?

    Regards, ladies and gents,


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    Because your podt has had 463 views and no replies maybe the problem could be explained again in a different way.
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