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    Advice on Residential HVAC on Ocean

    Hi trusted experts!

    It's coming to the 11 year mark and my carrier coastal is still working but not looking too good. It sits on the roof of an oceanside condo. Looking to upgrade to something that will last at least 10 years but am looking for a good price point. There are an overwhelming number of brands but I am looking for a 4 ton 15 seer+ split system heat pump. (sq footage of condo is 2300).

    I have a friend who is licensed, bonded, insured who is going to install it for me.

    My question is what is the best bang for the buck given I'm looking for it to last for 10 years, then replace. The only issue I've had with the carrier was capacitor replacement, but I had 2 regular service/checkups every year since the beginning. I see units like Goodman are cheaper, but would they last 10 years?

    Also can anyone recommend where I can order rust free overhead straps for the units, as the hurricane tie downs failed with several units with this hurricane and they fell of the mount. I want to make sure it is very secure for the coming years. Another problem with this condo is that on top of the metal frame mounts there are planks of wood that the units have to lie on / tie down too, hence the the tie down screws are drilled into wood which is not very secure. Apparently the developer put the frames too far apart hence the wood planks.

    Also does it help at all if I spray "Corrosion Stop" over the components under the fan from time to time? Or is that a no no? Also someone told me about anodes, do they help with an oceanside situation?

    Appreciate the advice!!

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    Well, sounds like the Carrier beat the 10 year mark

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