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    SANYO mini split air flap broken - help please

    Model #KHS2472 - That flap that opens and closes when it is turned on to let the air out is just hanging limp. My tenant must have pulled on it or forced it.

    I would guess that a small plastic piece that may attach it to the motor may have broke? It is so limp that it doesn't appear to be attached to the motor or anything.

    How hard is it to open up the unit to get at this flap assembly. I guess it could be a piece snapped on the flap, or the Air Outlet Frame, or the motor itself is broke?

    PDF - I have tried to attach a PDF schematic attachment below. Part #4, #10, and #16 show the flap, air outlet frame, and motor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    Any Sanyo dealer should be able to source the parts for you
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