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    Quote Originally Posted by F250HVAC View Post
    ...hanging gauges in a window just invites trouble.
    Yep, like I told the dofusses working with me, " Hey! I can see your gauges!" They don't get it.

    We have F250 trucks now. When I had a van, I kept it a real feckin mess, everybody gave me crap about it.

    When one day, a nasty little fecker thought he would break my back window and climb up into a big mess of a van and steal my copper, in the middle of the day, mind you.

    Well, I happened out the back door of said location to find the bastard swimming in a sea of **** to get to it.

    I was opening the side door, he was unnoticed until he bailed out the back door! Needless to say, all tools and copper were safe. So then I determined a messy van was the ultimate crime deterant.

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    Double lock and don't advertise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Txvman View Post
    Masterlock puck is no good.

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    Wow... that looked too easy.

    Just looked, I have American locks on the van. May look into the Medeco ones though.

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    They are possibly performing a relay attack which tricks your car and fob into thinking they are close to each other by amplifying and relaying the signal. I've heard that wrapping the fob in aluminum foil or placing it in a metal container will block the signal. Haven't tried either. There are key fob guards that you can buy to perform the same function. I came across them on amazon not too long ago while searching for something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kangaroogod View Post
    A big crow bar snaps the puck locks off. A guy at work had everything stolen out of his driveway. (Blurred out to protect the innocent the locks just help people hopefully move onto a slightly easier target

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    Is the lock body cast aluminum? If so, what a pos! an easily pickable pos at that.

    For theft deterrence, I did the following in my K1500 extended cab truck with camper shell:

    ~ Blacked out (tinted) side windows on the extra cab part. All tools went back there, and I layed grey towels the same color as the upholstery on top of everything.

    ~ Shell had extra hasps and locks installed at the edges of the top part to the frame, from top to tailgate, and tailgate to frame.

    ~ 6 dummy cameras installed. More like real cameras that just werent hooked to a system. Real cameras would be better.

    ~ Stickers that read "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again" and "DANGER! LIVE VENOMOUS ANIMALS INSIDE", amongst others. In small letters on the doors and tailgate were the words: "Driver Keeps No Cash Inside".

    ~ Tho I never installed one, a proximity alarm seems a decent option. Hard to steal stealthily when a siren and strobes are going off.

    Nothing screams "I HAVE MONEY, STEAL WHAT'S INSIDE!" more than brand-new vehicles with fresh detailing and custom features, like rims, or loud exhausts. Tone it down a few notches.

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